Contents Tourism in Plane Sight available now

Contents tourism primarily involves fans travelling to places related to a particular element of popular culture of which they are a fan. That is the core of the definition presented by Seaton et al. (2017: 3). Whilst this volume presents a modified definition, the focus of the majority of the chapters contained within it are on activities happening at a destination, with the chapter by Beeton being one of the few that points to other possibilities. This chapter aims to ensure that the way in which we think about the sites of contents tourism does not become overly restrictive. Furthermore, the chapter raises questions about where the line is drawn between consumers, fans, tourists and commercial operations, which, at least on the surface, appear to be trying to profit from contents tourism activities. To do this, the chapter considers contents tourism in relation to planes, which, as the title suggests through a play on words with the phrase ‘in plain sight’ can seemingly happen with some ease.

‘Contents Tourism in Plane Sight’, in Seaton, P., and Yamamura, T., Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom: Transnational Tourist Experiences, Channel View Publications (2020). ISBN 9781845417215.
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