Tokyo 20/20 Vision Released

In 2019, as Japan hosted the Rugby World Cup, Typhoon Hagibis brought havoc to the organisation of the event and to the country as a whole. 2020 and Tokyo is the host city for the world’s biggest sporting event, the Summer Olympics. Japan has done everything it can to ensure that the games will be remembered for the sports, that the country and its people will be noted for their hospitality, that these will be the best games ever. But not everyone wants the games to be a success. Some want it to be remembered for something completely different.

Tokyo 20/20 Vision follows photojournalist ‘Rock’ Iwakura and journalist Eri Amadera as they become caught up in the plan for the Olympic games to be disrupted.

Tokyo 20/20 Vision is available as an eBook and paperback.
eBook version
Paperback version – coming soon

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