World Book Day – Support Independent Authors

Today is World Book Day. Rather appropriately I will be spending at least some of the day working on my next novel. Although I have had academic books published by companies (and I would also encourage people to buy and read more academic books on World Book Day), my novels (Hijacking Japan and Tokyo 20/20 Vision so far) are currently done as an independent author. Mostly I write these books for fun, I don’t expect to make money from them. But it would be great if more people would read them and it’s hard getting them noticed when there are so many millions of books out there and the focus is often on top authors.

World Book Day is a day when we celebrate books, but more often than not, that means celebrating the top-selling well-known books, many of which have been turned into TV series or movies. But why not try something different this year? Why not buy a book written by an independent author? Many independent authors sell books for around 99p/99c – much less than a cup of coffee. And it will last you much longer than your cup of coffee too.

Once you have read a book by an independent author, please also review it. Independent authors need the reviews – even if it’s not 5 stars. Most independent authors will write more than one book, so reviews are a good way for them to get feedback and develop their style. But also many people don’t buy books unless they have been reviewed and got stars (keep in mind Amazon doesn’t always record a star rating alone and will only include that rating if you write a review too). So please make sure to do the review and then, if possible, post about the book on social media and tell your friends about it. If there is a paperback version, ask your local library to get a copy too.

Just a few simple things after spending just 99p/99c could end up making a world of difference to an independent author.

For further details about my publications, click here.

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