Coming Across Nature When Researching

As I mentioned in my most Photographing Planes Near Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Jonanjima, one of the things I associate with going to that site is seeing stray cats, birds and even Mount Fuji. I thought I’d say more (largely show photographs) about this and also some other encounters with nature during my research trips, where I wasn’t expecting such encounters (unlike the macaques in the onsen in Nagano in my book Japan: The Basics, for example (see photo here))

Let’s start with the stray cats…

And while I’ve not seen anyone feeding the cats at Jonanjima as I did next to the Flight JL350 crash memorial

They all seem well fed and I certainly wasn’t alone in photographing them…

Turning to birds, as I showed in my post Photographing Planes Near Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Jonanjima, you often get cormorants around Haneda Airport.

There are also smaller birds…

And you do also get birds at Haneda Airport itself…

As I mentioned in Photographing Planes Near Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Jonanjima, on a good day, you can also get to see Mount Fuji (around 100km away)…

I also got a good view from close to Showajima monorail station when returning from Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

I don’t have a photo of perhaps my most amusing unexpected encounter with a wild animal. After a very long, hot day at Osutaka-no-One one time, on the path back down to the car park, I came across a snake. When it saw me it slithered away off the path as quickly as it could. As it did so, I tried to reassure it in Japanese that it didn’t need to be afraid – overlooking the fact that it neither has ears nor understands Japanese (probably). Luckily when I slept by myself at one of the yamagoya at the crash site, I was not disturbed by any of the local wildlife such as rats, deer or bears… just a lot of insects.

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