Jōban Line derailment and collision Memorial

As part of my research on memorialisation, I have visited a number of memorials around Japan. After the JL123 memorials, the first that I visited was the Jōban Line derailment and collision (also known as the Mikawashima accident (三河島事故)) memorial.

A summary of what happened can be found on Wikipedia. The key points that it was a multiple train crash which occurred on 3 May 1962 near Mikawashima Station in Arakawa, Tokyo. It involved a freight train and two passenger trains; 160 people were killed.

I visited the crash site in January 2009. The memorial itself is at Jōshōji Temple, close to Mikawashima station.

The memorial is very simple compared to many I have subsequently visited. It was established a year after the accident and is a statue of Kanon. There are no details about the crash itself or names of the victims.

I included the crash within the 10 Japanese cases in my article about modifications are made to public transportation accidents (see Table 1 in that article), but it is one of those which sees no sign of having been modified in any way.

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