Reflections on writing Tokyo 20/20 Vision

This is, apparently, my 100th blog post. After writing about my busiest research trip, I thought this time I would write a bit about how some of my research has come into my novel writing, and specifically my latest book, Tokyo 20/20 Vision.

Many aspects of location choices and characters have been inspired by personal experiences or people that I have met. Sometimes I have even used the need to find a location for part of the storyline to motivate me to go somewhere in Japan. For many years the Ron-Yasu memorial, as well as Nakasone’s nearby Hinode retreat, have been on my ‘bucket list’ of places to visit in Japan. Nakasone was a key part of my PhD research and first book and appeared in some form in much of my subsequent research. But it was needing to find a location for one scene in Tokyo 20/20 Vision that finally provided me with the motivation/excuse to visit the memorial and retreat in 2019. I write more about these places in another post.

Shortly after completing the book Nakasone died at the age of 101. I write more about Nakasone in another post.

The Ron-Yasu memorial
Inside one of the buildings at Nakasone’s Hinode retreat

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