Contents Tourism – James Bond island and Phuket

In the next of my posts on contents tourism (if you don’t know what contents tourism is, please see my post about Tanigawa and Ichi-no-kurasawa), I’m staying in Thailand after my one about the Bangkok Plane Graveyard. Although I’ve discussed before about Jaws, Zulu and or You Only Live Twice, another favourite that I watched a lot as a child was Man With The Golden Gun, another James Bond movie. I’d actually tracked down one of the roads used for Man With The Golden Gun in Hong Kong before – though I don’t think I have any photos of it (at least digital ones). I seem to remember that when I went in 1988, the club that’s featured in the film was still there and promoting itself as having been in the film – but that sign, at least, was not there when I went back to the area many years later.

Although I’d been to Thailand before, I’d not had a chance to get to ‘James Bond Island’ (Khao Phing Kan, เกาะเขาพิงกัน) before. But in 2019, staying in Phuket it was possible to get there. Even then it is a full day’s excursion – our boat trip stopped at several other spots on the way to and from James Bond Island, having started from Ao Po Pier on north-east Phuket.

James Bong Island is marked with the orange pointer

The scenery along the way (and way back at sunset) was spectacular. But for me, the highlight was James Bond Island itself. It was so easy to picture the various scenes shot there – even though it was low tide when we were there. As we approached the island, the captain started playing the theme tune to the movie. We then transferred to canoes to get over to the island and explore.

It was great to visit the island and see all the spots where the movie was shot.

Back on Phuket we had a hotel pointed out to us as we walked around. Apparently it was used in ‘The Beach’. I’ve only endured that film once (the only thing I know about the film is that someone had the job of putting extra bubbles on the screen to ensure that certain body parts weren’t visible in the final version), so I can’t say that the hotel made any impression on me – but I took a picture anyway for the sake of Contents Tourism. Apparently I was lucky to get the shot as the hotel normally tries to stop people.

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