Photographing Planes at Kobe Airport

In the next of my series of posts about photographing planes, I will be focussing on Kope Airport (神戸空港) . I visited the airport during my busy fieldwork trip to Japan, holding research interviews there before then taking a flight from Ibaraki.

The airport is connected to central Kobe (Sannomiya Station) by an extension of the existing Port Liner automated guideway transit system.

You get a good view of the airport as you approach on the Port Liner.

And, as noted on the Google Map itself, you also get a great view of Kobe from the Airport.

As for photographing planes, there is a decent observation deck and you can get some interesting shots with the Kobe Airport name on the wall beyond the runway, with the passing shipping, or with Akashi Bridge in the distance (on the day I visited the planes, it was too hazy to do this by the time the wind had changed direction and planes were landing from that direction).

Being close to Kansai International Airport (KIX), in particular, and Itami (ITM), you will also be able to see other flights in the area, so keep looking up.

See details about other photographs I have used in my research here.

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