Photographing Planes at and near Fukuoka Airport

In the next of my series of posts about photographing planes, I will be focussing on Fukuoka Airport (福岡空港) . This is the last of the airports that I visited during my busy fieldwork trip to Japan that I haven’t already posted about.

I would say that Fukuoka Airport is probably the best airport in Japan for photography. The airport itself is almost in the heart of the city and so is quick and easy to access by public transport. It’s also a busy airport. Then, as well as the observation deck at the airport itself, there are some great viewing spots near the runway, including a hill which gives you a great backdrop of the city. Due to one of the flight paths you can also see landing aircraft as they make two 90 degree turns.

Note the main station for Fukuoka is called Hakata (visible on the left side of the map)

If you walk along the road on the east side of the airport, you will get to the area of Tsukiguma (see the map above). Just by the ‘T’ on the map above you can see a small road going closer to the runway – take this & you will find a great photo spot on the next corner.

You also can get good views of the planes taxiing.

Returning to the map, you can also find good spots up the hill around the area close to Mushiroda Junior High School.

At the other end of the airport, if you look again at the map and see where the underground line makes a turn towards the airport next to the mark showing route 3, there is a pachinko parlour called MJ Arena. It has a car park from where you can get great shots (car parks often make good observation points near stations too in Japan, like at Takasaki). You are not supposed to, so you may be asked to leave – but the chances are that you will be left alone for a while.

And then there is the observation deck at the airport itself.

See details about other photographs I have used in my research here.

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