Photographing Planes at Sendai Airport

In the next of my series of posts about photographing planes, I will be focussing on Sendai Airport (仙台空港), which I visited in 2015 so I could hold a research interview there. I have already written a post about 3/11 and discussed what happened at Sendai Airport in it, so this post won’t dwell on those aspects.

Sendai Airport is south of the city, by the coast, and well connected to the city by public transport.

From the observation deck you get a great view of the airport, with either the coast as a backdrop, the city or mountains.

As discussed in my post about 3/11, you may find some signs relating to the tsunami that swamped the airport in 2011. But here, let me leave you with a very different photograph. Sendai has telephones so that people seeing off friends/family can speak to them after they have gone through security. I wonder how often these are used in a world where mobile phones have become so ubiquitous.

See details about other photographs I have used in my research here.

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