Photographing Planes at Itami Airport

In the next of my series of posts about photographing planes, I will be focussing on Itami Airport, officially Osaka International Airport (ITM, 大阪国際空港), but generally referred to as Itami Airport (伊丹空港) . Despite the ‘international’ name, since the opening of Kansai International Airport, it is now an entirely domestic airport. However, it continues to be a very busy airport and so is great for photography.

Although I have been to the airport many times, this article is primarily based upon a visit in 2016.

One thing I like about the above map is that you can clearly see the city boundaries and see that most of the airport, including the terminal buildings, are in Itami city. Itami is in Hyogo prefecture rather than Osaka. So although the airport’s association is with Osaka, it should probably have been much more with Hyogo and its main city Kobe.

Like other Japanese airports, there is a very good observation deck from which you can get photographs of planes – with views of Osaka in the background or the ‘Itami’ name along the banking by the runway.

See details about other photographs I have used in my research here.

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