Gifu-Hashima: The Political Shinkansen Station?

I have already done a few posts about taking photos of the shinkansen and I have done one, about Urasa, linking that to one of my articles relating to the political links to the shinkansen. On another line, the Tokaido Shinkansen, there is another station with strong political connections, Gifu-Hashima (岐阜羽島).

Just as with Urasa and the statue of Kakuei Tanaka outside, Gifu-Hashima has a statue of a politician outside – this time Banboku Ono and his wife.

With the statue facing the station itself and Ono’s arm outstretched towards Tokyo, the link between the man and the location of the station (one of the few shinkansen stations to open when the line first opened in 1964) seems obvious. However, as I have discussed in both my book Shinkansen and also the article ‘From polling station to political station? Politics and the shinkansen‘, the influence of Ono may have been significantly exaggerated. While his desire to take credit for the location of the station may seem obvious, there was a very good reason for the location of the station itself. As with Maibara further west, although it is an important transport location in its own right due to access to the Hokuriku region from there, it was deemed important to have a station either side of an area of the Tokaido Shinkansen that can get badly impacted by snow so that trains could be stopped (and if necessary have passengers taken to a local city)

Unlike Urasa, it is possible to get a picture of the statue, station and a shinkansen – although the ground level angle isn’t great.

Gifu-Hashima does make a good station to stop off to get shinkansen photographs, however, as so many trains don’t stop there.

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