Book Review: The House Guest by Mark Edwards

Yet another fabulous book by Mark Edwards. I just couldn’t put it down, as much as I told myself that I had to, I just kept reading it. In many ways this is a typical Mark Edwards book (if you are new to his books, then I recommend that you look at this page, but there are some twists.

The main twist is that the book isn’t set in the UK. It’s really good to see Mark setting a book somewhere else and I hope we will see many more set in different locations around this world as I can enjoy (as much as I hope Mark does) the challenge of his style of books being set outside the usual comfort zone.

Unlike with some books I have read recently, Mark always does such a good job of getting you to identify with the characters. Even if they are from a completely different walk of life, he creates characters and situations which you can relate to. This allows you to sink further into the story and, even if there are aspect of the story which are more unbelievable (it is fiction after all), you are in so deep by then, that all you want to know is what happens to the characters… what could happen to you.

For more information about the book see this page or click here to get more information about the book on Amazon.

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