Book Review: Here to Stay by Mark Edwards

I have been a fan of Mark Edwards for a while now and have read all of his books. What has bemused me is why not even more people are reading his books and why they’re not being turned into TV dramas or movies. Perhaps people have been waiting for the “right one”.

Well, the wait is over. “Here to Stay” is a masterpiece and Mark’s best book to date.

Although “The Magpies” series may be what he is best known for, “Here to Stay” is clearly the natural product out of ideas, ways of writing and characters that have been developed in that series and other books.

If were to recommend any novel, it would be “Here to Stay”.

If I were to recommend a Mark Edwards book to read, it would be “Here to Stay”… but don’t stop there. Read this one, and then go and read all of his other books, you won’t be disappointed.

Whilst many books allow a degree of escapism and may sometimes stretch was is believable – the strength of “Here to Stay” (and Mark’s other books) is just how scarily believable it all is. You can imagine yourself being drawn into situations like this or behaving like the characters do. At times that realisation provides a tension when reading the book which can be quite stressful. But don’t give up. Mark’s writing and story telling makes it all worthwhile in the end.

Can’t wait to see this book on the big screen one day.

For more information about the book see this page or click here to get more information about the book on Amazon.

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