Nakasone and JL123 – Contribution to new book about JAL123

A new book about the JL123 crash, which I have been researching since 2007, was published today in Japan. The book is by Tohko Aoyama, who has written several books about the crash. I also have a contribution in this book, commenting in particular on the role of Prime Minister Nakasone. The book promises to raise further questions about really happened on 12 August 1985 and further fuel debate about the need for a reinvestigation. I’m looking forward to reading a copy soon.

‘Nakasone and JL123/Nakasone to Nikkō 123-bin’’ in Aoyama, T., 日航123便墜落 圧力隔壁説をくつがえす (Nikkō 123-bin Tsuiraku Atsuryoku Kakuheiki Setsu-o Kutsugaesu), Tokyo: Kawade Shobō Shinsha (2020). Pages 218-229. ISBN: 978-3-309-02906-1
Information from publishers

For further discussion about the cause of the crash – read What Caused the JL123 Crash?

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  1. Eiko Kitaguchi says:

    Where can I purchase this book in the USA ?


    1. HoodCP says:

      Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe try Otherwise you’ll need to use the Japanese site and pay for the international shipping.


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