Delighted with another 5-Star review for “Tokyo 20/20 Vision”


Delighted with another 5 star review for Tokyo 20/20 Vision, which is averaging 4.7 (out of 5.0) on Amazon.

Here is the review: “I’m not a fiction lover normally, but as I’m familiar with things Japanese after having lived there for a long time, I picked this one up. The author has a fantastic grasp of modern Japan and the narrative is believable because the author has clearly done his research. The detail is finely grained and I even felt being drawn into the story itself, which is high praise – given I rarely read novels these days. Highly recommended for anyone who likes narrative suspense, is familiar with Japan, and likes detail!”

Such reviews really encourage me to keep going with further novels.

For further details about Tokyo 20/20 Vision, see this page.

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