Photographing Planes near Hong Kong Airport

In the next of my series of posts about photographing planes, I will be focussing on Hong Kong Airport. Although nowhere near as interesting as the old airport, the number of planes using the airport means that it is still a great airport for those wanting to take pictures. Rather than the airport itself, however, the most interesting views are from another tourist location, Nong Ping Big Buddha.

To access the site, there is a cable car from Tung Chung (accessible on the city’s metro). You can also get good views of the airport on the cable car itself.

Although you are some distance from the airport, so you are likely to need your longest zoom, the altitude means that you will get to take photos of planes during their take-off and already having retracted their landing gear.

A view from the cable car

See details about other photographs I have used in my research here.

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