Book Review: Pet Shop Boys versus America

I got both Pet Shop Boys, Literally and Pet Shop Boys versus America earlier this year. I read the first one a few months ago, but have only just finished reading the second. The plan had been to read them both before seeing the Pet Shop Boys in concert in early June, but COVID-19 had other ideas.

This book leads on very well from Pet Shop Boys, Literally, but as the ‘Afterword’ to the 2019 edition notes, the styles are very different and this one is much more like ‘one conversation, rolling relentlessly ever onwards’. It’s a conversation any Pet Shop Boys fan would want to read. There’s nothing particularly shocking in there, particularly after reading the first book and having followed the group since the 1980s, but it was very enjoyable to an opportunity to invade that space into the places and conversations where fans can’t normally access.

By the end, the things that I wanted hear is that the Pet Shop Boys will release a new album and that a similar book following the Pet Shop Boys will be done when they finally get round to doing the postponed tour from 2020.

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