Testing Times Being a Bengals Fan

Just a short blog post today and something a bit different to my usual posts. This week I appeared on the Bengals UK podcast ‘Cincinatter’. I have been a Bengals fan since around 1984 and the nature of supporting the team has changed greatly over the years – although this week, on the back of a painful loss, it is perhaps a case of the more things change the more things stay the same. I have written before a bit about my support of the Bengals and how I have even managed to bring this into my Iwakura Series of novels.

But over the 36 years or so that I have been supporting the Bengals, one of the key differences has been how social it has now become thanks to Paul Hirons, in particular, and Nathan Palmer at Bengals UK. As well as a Twitter account and Facebook page, they have been running a podcast for a couple of years now. I don’t listen to many podcasts, but this one I look forward to every week (even when the Bengals have lost – a bit of group therapy is a good thing). All of the interaction on social media, the occasional meet ups (not possible in person at the moment of course thanks to COVID-19) and the podcast has really created a great community. There are so many of us who are very thankful for all they are doing.

As for my involvement this week – I took part in the quiz ‘First and Ten’ which has appeared in a few recent episodes. In short, you start on your own 20 yard line and have 12 plays (questions) to get to the end zone. A hard question is immediate Touchdown, a medium question is 10 yards and an easy question is 5 yards. A few have made a Touchdown (one with a hint of some help ๐Ÿ˜‰)… the most recent being professional quizzer Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha from the UK TV’s ‘The Chase’. He achieved a Touchdown on his second play.

As for me… you’ll have to listen to the podcast, Episode 103

Who Dey!

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