Book Review: “Day Four” by Sarah Lotz

After reading “The Three“, I was looking forward to reading “Day Four”… and it didn’t disappoint. While “The Three” revolved around plane crashes, “Day Four” turns its attention to the seas and a cruise ship. This was particularly interesting for me as I have both been on cruises, but also I am planning for Book 3 of my Iwakura Series of novels to be set on a cruise ship. That they are set on cruise ships is almost certainly where any similarity ends, though.

While the “The Three” was written as though you were reading a book within a book, “Day Four” is largely more conventional – with different chapters following different characters. There are some caveats to this, however. As one of the characters is a blogger, those chapters are more blog-style. Also, as the book reaches its conclusion, there is another approach to how the interaction with the characters is handled – but I won’t say any more about that so as to not spoil any aspect of the story for you.

As I often struggle to remember names, it took me a while to get my head around the various characters that appear in the book and there were times where I thought having a short glossary somewhere which I could refer to and get a reminder (and perhaps some additional information) about characters would have been useful.

There is an interesting little interview with the author at the end of the book. As she states, “Day Four” isn’t a sequel to “The Three” per se, but there is a connection and my one regret with reading “Day Four” is not re-reading “The Three” again (or reading “Day Four” sooner after I had finished “The Three”) to help with keeping the connections fresh in my mind. The author also says that it should be possible to read the books in either order – I would be interested to know how those who read “Day Four” first feel after reading “The Three”. The ordering of books is one that I am particularly sensitive to as the novels I am working on and have published already aren’t done in the chronological order that they are set as you can see from the table on the page about my novels.

As with “The Three”, “Day Four” is written in an engaging way and you feel yourself being drawn into the story and wanting to know what happens next. What I particularly like about it – again as the author comments on in the short interview – is that the story is done in a way so that you can interpret it in different ways (I won’t say more on this again as I don’t want to spoil or influence your own enjoyment of the book). That makes it very difficult to classify – thriller? action? horror? In the end, such classifications are more for publishers and book sellers as they like to pigeon hole. For me, “Day Four” is a book to be read and such classifications are an obstacle to people’s understanding of what books are and can be about and do.

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