Book Review and Re-blog: “The Last Resort” by Susi Holliday

One of the joys of reading many books is being able to escape your own reality and be somewhere else. Although you may not want to be with the protagonists and what they are going through, it is, at least, nice to be somewhere different. This is exactly how I felt about “The Last Resort” by Susi Holliday. So I was particularly happy to see that the author had done a blog post today about the places that help to inspire the locations in the book. You can read more about that in the re-blog link below.

Today is the official release of my latest psychological thriller – THE LAST RESORT. It takes place on a remote island, so of course I had to do some proper island research to get a feel for the isolation, the landscape, the vegetation, the weather and whatever potentially creepy ruins might be uncovered on the […]

The Last Resort: Some Research Pics

In terms of the book itself, I raced through this book as I found the writing style and story so compelling. Interesting characters hold together a simple concept with scary science. I have seen some reviews talking about how unbelievable aspects are and other quibbles. I don’t really understand these comments. Perhaps if the book were classified as ‘science fiction’ some of these people would have had less of a problem, but as I have written in some of my other blog posts (most recently “San Andreas” and in more detail in my article “Disaster Narratives by Design: Is Japan Different?“) it is very difficult to know sometimes where the line between what is scientifically possible and impossible (or not yet possible) lies. I would suggest that you let yourself go and enjoy the ride.

Returning to Susi Holliday’s blog post, it was great to be able to see some of the places that became a part of the book. I have done a number of posts like this already about my first two novels, “Hijacking Japan” and “Tokyo 20/20 Vision“, and my recent post about completing the first draft of my third novel also used an image of a place that features in the book. I’ve not yet got an yearning to go to the Scilly Islands that feature in “The Last Resort”, but if it were happen, then I am sure that I would do some Contents Tourism, as I did at the Bangkok Plane Graveyard in relation to “The Night Trade” by Barry Eisler.

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