“The Hurricane Heist” – Like “Hard Rain”, Only Worse

The next of my posts about movies which I studied for my article “Disaster Narratives by Design: Is Japan Different?” is about The Hurricane Heist (Rob Cohen, 2018). This movie came out 20 years after Hard Rain, but the movies are not dissimilar. Rather than a flood and bursting dam, however, this movie involves a hurricane.

A summary of the movie on IMDb is as follows:

In 1992 Alabama, Will and Breeze Rutledge are evacuating from the destructive Category 5 Hurricane Andrew with their dad. However, their truck gets stuck after avoiding a toppling tree in front of them and they are forced to take refuge in a nearby house. While trying to save the truck from blowing away, strong winds blow a water tank loose and it crushes their dad, killing him. In present day, another destructive hurricane named Tammy approaches the town in Alabama. Treasury agent Casey Corbyn is ordered by fellow employee Randy Moreno to summon Breeze, who now works as a handyman, and whose brother Will is a meteorologist, to fix the generator at a cash storage facility. While she is out of the facility, rogue Treasury agents, led by Connor Perkins, infiltrate the facility and hold employee Moreno hostage..


While there may be overlaps with the concept and computer graphics have improved so making aspects more spectacular, The Hurricane Heist in comparison to Hard Rain cannot boast Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater in the cast, and so its rating on IMDb is even worse (at the time of writing) at 5.1. In terms of the revised list of conventions that I developed as part of my article “Disaster Narratives by Design: Is Japan Different?“, the movie scored only 11 out of the 17 (only one more than Hard Rain).

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