Photographing the Shinkansen: Shin-Kobe Station

Generally I prefer not to photograph shinkansen at a station, but there are times when it is the most practical thing to do. I’ve already done some posts about some stations such as Atami , Mishima, Maibara, Takasaki, and Tokuyama. This time I will cover Shin-Kobe.

The main feature, in terms of photography, is that you can get some good shots of the trains entering and leaving the Rokko tunnel at the Osaka end of the platform.

You can also get some interesting shots along the platform, thanks to the slight curve…

Although the station building itself isn’t that interesting to photograph, as it’s sandwiched between the hills and there are some sculptures and a river nearby you can get some good shots. Here is a picture that I took in 2020 on the evening before the the anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

For more information about my research on the shinkansen, click here, and for more information about the photographs I use in my research, click here. Also see Hijacking Japan – my novel set partly on a shinkansen.

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