New Novel “FOUR” Released

My latest novel, FOUR, has been released.

It is available as both an eBook and Paperback.

The book starts in April 2013. Photo-journalist Iwakura and his reporter friend Eri, as she was known to the whole of Japan, would be working together again. The pair appeared very briefly at the end of Hijacking Japan, but this is the first book (chronologically) to feature the pair.

Since their collaboration in 2011 had exposed more about the truth surrounding the hijacking of a shinkansen (‘bullet train’), they had worked on many articles together. Now they are planning on doing a book together. The book would be covering some important current social issues such as depopulation, city regeneration, tourism, and work-related suicides. It would also involve them travelling to fours islands of Japan in four different seasons.

However, things don’t go to plan and death always seems to be close at hand.

The book provides further insights into Iwakura and Eri who also feature in Tokyo 20/20 Vision (set in 2021 after FOUR).

Further details about the book can be found here: FOUR.

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