“FOUR” – Acknowledgements

My latest novel, FOUR, was recently released as both an eBook and Paperback.

As with any book, to make it happens required help and support of various sorts & I have done my best to include some of the names who helped in anyway in the Acknowledgements in the book. I fear that I may have missed some names – I’ll hopefully keep better track for future books. Anyway, here is largely the same text as appears in the Acknowledgements so that I can thank all these people once again…

            As I have written about on my blog site (for example see https://hoodcp.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/writing-novels-finding-time-and-setting-challenges/), as I have a full-time job, writing my novels is something I do when I have some time here and there. It helps me to relax, to get my thoughts and fingers going when I need to write academic texts and allows me to discuss some issues related to Japan that has the potential to reach a wider audience than my academic chapters, articles, and books do. One of the good things that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic was that with not travelling so much, I had more time to spend on the book – 2020 was not a ‘lost year’ as I also discussed in a blog post (https://hoodcp.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/2020-in-review-not-a-lost-year/). Indeed, the pandemic probably impacted my previous book, Tokyo 20/20 Vision, more than this one as I had to do a quick re-edit to take account of the postponement of the Olympic games.

            To get this book to completion has been largely a solitary business, but there are still people I would like to thank. Thanks to Alejandra Escamilla Sánchez, one of my tutees at Cardiff University, for allowing me to use her ‘haiku’. I came across her poem when visiting the University of Kitakyūshū, where Alejandra was studying as part of her degree. I found the poem intriguing and wanted to include it in the novel, which Alejandra kindly agreed to. I would also like to thank Yumi Katayama who helped with some of the additional things that I needed to check for the part set in Miyazaki, where she lives.

            I would also like to thank those who have supported me in my writing endeavours by encouraging me, buying the books, and telling others about them. These include especially my parents, Erica Baffelli, Angharad Brown, Catherine Butler, May Chin, Sara Eastwood, the Gotoh/Matsuoka family, Keith Haines, Lohin Hindocha, Adil Gürsel Karaçor, Griseldis Kirsch, Keith Kong, Irene Lim, Helen Macnaughtan, Peter Matanle, Tom McAuley, Michael Mwamunga, Chie Nagara, Mara Patessio, Carlos Sanz-Mingo, Philip Seaton, Surendran Sundralingam, Dennis van Limbeek, Kalizya Willombe Zimba, Leo Wilson, Shahurain Zainuddin, and all the others in Concord College Alumni WhatsApp and Facebook groups that I’m in. Also thank you to a couple of professional authors who have inspired and encouraged me, Mark Edwards and Sarah Lotz. I would also like to thank my uncle Robin (who is on the other side of my family so doesn’t have the surname Hood) for the way he encouraged me to travel around Japan when I was first starting to visit the country. Finally, a massive word of thanks to my family, Man Yee, Miella and Monty, for letting me get on with the book. Who knows, maybe one day they will read more than just the previous sentence!

Further details about the book can be found here: FOUR.

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