EBooks of “Tokyo 20/20 Vision” and “FOUR” Free for a Limited Time

This weekend I turn 50 and although my Japan influence (amongst other reasons) says that 60 is a more significant milestone, 50 is (apparently) a ‘big one’. So you can join in with my celebrations, the eBooks of my novels Tokyo 20/20 Vision and FOUR are FREE from 30 April to 4 May (2021) (starting/ending at 12:00 Pacific time/20:00 UK time on the respective dates).

I have two requests though.

First, after you have downloaded copies and read them, please do leave a star rating (especially if it’s 4 or 5 stars!), but preferably provide a text review also.

Second, please let as many people as possible know about the books and encourage them to get copies too.

You can get a copy of Tokyo 20/20 Vision at the following link mybook.to/Tokyo2020Vision

You can get a copy of FOUR at the following link mybook.to/FOUR-eBook

My other novel, Hijacking Japan, is also available at a very reasonable price (much less than a cup of tea or coffee) via this link mybook.to/HijackingJapan

You can find out more about the books at the following pages Tokyo 20/20 Vision, FOUR, and Hijacking Japan.

You can find out more about my novels here.

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