Favourite Poems – Because of You


After my post about Pleasuredome, sorry, Kubla Khan, this is the second post about my favourite poems. Being someone who specialises in Japan, you probably would be expecting me to include a haiku. This one is as close as you are going to get.

Unlike Kubla Khan, this poem is completely different and, at least at the moment, is not that well known. It’s called Because of You and was written by Alejandra Escamilla Sánchez who, at the time, was one of my tutees at Cardiff University. I came across her poem when visiting the University of Kitakyūshū, where Alejandra was studying as part of her degree. I found the poem intriguing and wanted to include it in my novel FOUR, which Alejandra kindly agreed to.

As noted in the book (and as Alejandra herself is quick to point out), technically it may not be a haiku. However, I love the multiple ways that it could be interpreted, while also being very powerful in what it does express. I have never asked Alejandra herself what/who the inspiration was for the poem – some unknowns are best left as unknowns… but I assume (hope) that it wasn’t anything to do with the final suggestion made in my novel…

Click here for more information about my novel, FOUR.

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