“Liverpool” – A Tim’s Twitter Listening Party for One of the 80s Most Underrated Albums

On 4 June I took part (if that is the right word) in the #TimsTwitterListeningParty for Liverpool by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. This wasn’t my first Listening Party – having “been” to the ones for Welcome to the PleasureDome and Blast before. In fact, this wasn’t the first one for Liverpool, as there was a previous attempt which officially stopped as Holly Johnson was asleep and didn’t join in until the album was nearly over.

For those unfamiliar with these “parties” during the “lockdowns” during the COVID-19 new coronavirus pandemic, it’s when fans are encouraged to listen to the same album at the same time and Tweet about it. It’s all set up by Tim Burgess and you can find out more about him on Twitter and the parties on the website. Usually artists involved with the original album also get involved. As with Pleasuredome, it was only Holly out of Frankie that joined in.

Unsurprisingly (as this the second attempt at the party and with the weather improving and less strict lockdowns), there were less tweets than for Welcome to the Pleasuredome. In total around 1,850 posts were done for Liverpool, compared to 2,700 for Pleasuredome. There had been around 2,600 during the first attempt for Liverpool, but the difference this time was there were 60 posts from Holly and Tim, as can be seen if you follow the link to replay the party.

Another reason why the numbers may have been lower may relate to Liverpool being one of the most under-rated and over-looked albums of the 1980s (I would add Count Three and Prey by Berlin – who then supported Frankie on tour after Liverpool was released in this category. Liverpool is one of the few (possibly only two) albums that has 5-stars for every track in my iTunes database.

For this reason, and because I am working on a book about Frankie Goes To Hollywood fans, I had been particularly keen for there to be a party for it and kept requesting it (and the rescheduled one after the first one was effectively stopped).

Now, I have to admit that I cheated a little bit. Having already tweeted about the album and every track during the original party, I then used TweetDeck to schedule for the same tweets (using copy and paste) to be sent out during the second party. Had it started late or been called off again, it would have been embarrassing… but as the party started at 8pm and was during dinner time on my wedding anniversary, I had to get creative. In the end I was able to join live for the whole of the second side of the album and interact more with Holly and others.

I will save more of my comments of the album, tracks and the party for my book.

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