Book Review: “Violet” by SJI Holliday

Having enjoyed the The Last Resort, I took advantage of a promotional price to pick up another of Holliday’s books.

As with The Last Resort, part of the enjoyment of the book was the degree of escapism that it allowed, by taking us on a trip to somewhere else. While the other book was centred around one location, this one involved multiple locations across Asia and Europe. But, while the descriptions of these places and the local cultural experiences add so much to the book, in the end, they are largely a backdrop to a chilling story.

Unlike the books I have read by Mark Edwards, for example, where it’s possible to imagine a situation where you could get sucked into the same situations that the protagonist is in – for me, at least, I couldn’t imagine getting caught up in the sort of events depicted in Violet. That’s not to say that they aren’t realistic – far from it, I suspect that there are some elements at least that are things that some experience, and the book should probably be read by anyone planning a solo trip as a warning about what can happen if you let your guard down.

Despite the degree of separation from the protagonists – in terms of personal experience and feeling any real empathy towards them – I found the story very engaging and enjoyable (in that troubling way with some dark thrillers). Definitely worth a read.

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