Photographing the Shinkansen: Shizuoka Station


This is the next in a series of posts that I have done about photographing the shinkansen. You can find a full list of places where I have taken such photographs on a page about photographs in my research and this already includes a number along the Tokaido Shinkansen (Atami, Fuji, Gifu-Hashima, Hamamatsu, Kakegawa, Lake Hamana, Maibara, Mishima Station, Near Odawara). As I have discussed before, generally I prefer not to take pictures of shinkansen at stations, but sometimes it is the most practical thing to do. This is particularly the case if you are on the JR Pass and using a Hikari or Kodama service on the Tokaido Shinkansen as you can jump out and get a picture of passing faster services. Shizuoka is one such station.

Although the line is largely straight through the station (unlike Hamamatsu), there is a curve close to the station (at the Osaka side) which can aid with taking some more interesting shots if you have a long lens.

For more information about my research on the shinkansen, click here. Also see Hijacking Japan – my novel set partly on a shinkansen.

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