My Favourite Shinkansen: The E6-Series Shinkansen

The next in my series about my favourite shinkansen is the E6 series. Yet again it is a JR East shinkansen (don’t worry, things improve for JR East in my list later on). It first started service in 2013 and is essentially the ‘mini-shinkansen’ (to cope with the narrower loading gauge of the line between Morioka and Akita) version of the E5.

Thanks to it being a ‘mini-shinkansen’, you can get some more interesting shots as the train passes fields and level crossings.

Of course, you can also get pictures of it at stations…

You may be wondering why I have the E6 higher up on my list than the E5/H5 series. There are two main reasons. One is that you can get the more interesting photographs as the train goes along the Akita mini-shinkansen line. The other reason is that I prefer the colour scheme – undoubtedly influenced by my support of Sheffield United.

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For more information about my research on the shinkansen, click here, and for more information about the photographs I use in my research, click here. Also see Hijacking Japan – my novel set partly on a shinkansen.

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