Interview for the Compounding Curiosity Podcast

As I have referred to in a few posts recently (My Favourite Shinkansen: The E3-Series Shinkansen, My Favourite Shinkansen: The 200-Series Shinkansen, Designs That Defined Modern Japan: Shinkansen, Concorde – Too Perfect?, and My Favourite Shinkansen: The 0 Series Shinkansen), I was recently interviewed for the Compounding Curiosity podcast. This podcast has now been published and can be accessed via the following link:

In the podcast I talk about the following subjects relating to my book Shinkansen: From Bullet Train to Symbol of Modern Japan as well as other subjects:

  • What got me interested in the Shinkansen
  • My favourite Shinkansen series (you get to find out the answer before it gets posted on this site!)
  • Early proposals for the Shinkansen
  • The meaning of the word Shinkansen
  • Significance behind the Shinkansen launching at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 1964
  • Safety Features on the Shinkansen
  • Whether the driver’s roles will automate
  • Downstream effects of the JNR reform in 1987
  • How the Shinkansen combats extreme weather
  • How the Shinkansen has affected cities along the route – see also The Shinkansen’s Local Impact
  • Why hasn’t exporting Shinkansen technology been successful?
  • If the US were to implement Shinkansen technology, what should they avoid?
  • My favourite Shinkansen fun fact
  • My views on the most undervalued university life experiences
  • Influential books – see also Wrapping Culture
  • Why I write novels – see also Hijacking Japan, Tokyo 20/20 Vision, FOUR and general information about my novels.

You can follow the host of the podcast, Kalani Scarrott, on Twitter.

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  1. Kalani says:

    Loved having you on Christopher!

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