WAGASHI  – Confectionery from Kyoto and Beyond

Yesterday I was involved in an event at the Japanese Embassy in London – on the theme of wagashi (Japanese confectionery). This was the first in-person lecture to be held at the Embassy since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. It was also the first one ever to be done by the Embassy with a livestream on YouTube.

The event began with a lecture by Mihoko Morisaki, visiting researcher at Osaka City University and Lumière University Lyon. She introduced the history and development of wagashi in connection with lifestyle and annual events. Traditional Kyoto-style wagashi and regional wagashi were introduced and compared, and the role of wagashi, local food production, and consumption explored in the context of regional development.

After the excellent presentation, I then asked some questions and discussed wagashi in relation to tourism in Japan, contents tourism, food tourism, features of wagashi eating culture, and others. There was then a question from the YouTube audience. After the livestream ended, those at the Embassy were able to enjoy a selection of wagashi and have some green tea. It was a wonderful event.

For more information about the event, please see this page.

The YouTube video is available here:

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