Favourite Photos: Jonanjima from the air

On some days I just do a short post that primarily revolves around a favourite photo without much accompanying text.

This picture was taken during a trip to Japan in 2015 – or, to be more precise, on my way back from that trip as it was taken from plane seat soon after it left Haneda Airport as it flew over Jonanjima, a site that I have often been to take photographs of planes.

While the picture is a bit blurred – I’m not sure if this is caused by the window design or the exhaust from the plane – it was still nice to capture a shot of the place where I have taken photos so often. I sometimes try to do this with photos of places where I have taken picture of the shinkansen from too (not stations, just as I haven’t taken such photos at airports) – but that can be even more challenging for spots very close to the line as the shinkansen is passing the spot at high speed.

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