Cincinnati Bengals are still in the Playoffs

Following my post last week about Cincinnati Bengals being in the Playoffs and the attempt to win their first playoff game in 31 years, I’m now writing about our next playoff game since we did win that one.

Last week was emotional. It ended up being a lot closer than it could/should have been and part of me feared that Las Vegas would get a last minute Touchdown and then get a 2Pt conversion to almost certainly beat us. But it wasn’t to be. A last gasp interception and the Bengals won. It was a real team effort and the reaction of the fans showed how much it meant. I’ve really enjoyed watching all the videos of people celebrating. It’s also been great to see the coach and player reactions. Bottom line message, it was great to have the win, but in the end it means nothing as the Bengals should, with this team, be in the playoffs and winning every year and there is a more important target than just winning a single playoff game.

To get a better idea of what last week’s win meant, read the letter by Bengals Punter Kevin Huber.

So on to thinking about this week’s game.

Last week I dodged making a final prediction and we won. On the basis that this being a good omen, I will do the same this time. Let’s be honest, this Saturday’s game against the Titans in winnable. I guess that’s what fills me with an extra degree of anticipation over the hope of our first playoff win in 31 years that I felt before last weekend. The number 1 seed position flatters the Titans – they are not much better than the other remaining teams in the AFC. In fact, I would rank them 4th. And let’s be honest, with a bit more luck and different play calls earlier in the season, the Bengals could have been number 1 seed – though I think that would have flattered us too (but I may change my view on that depending on what happens over the next week or so). With the right play calls, no major injuries, and no bad luck, this game is definitely there for the taking, but I’m sure the Titans are thinking the same. Too tough to call – I just know that my heart will be pounding so much that I just hope to make it to the final whistle.

Note: This post is based on text that was originally included in the post “Divisional round playoff prediction: Bengals at Titans” on the Bengals UK site.

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