Favourite Photos: Haneda Arrival at Dawn

On some days I just do a short post that primarily revolves around a favourite photo without much accompanying text.

This picture was taken during as the plane I was on was about to arrive at Haneda Airport in January 2020. Little did I imagine that this would be my last trip to Japan for such a long time.

While the picture is a little out of focus – I actually had a sharper one, but I prefer this shot as it gets more of Tokyo Bay – I love the mixture of colours, lights, and the inclusion of the plane’s wing. It’s also nice to have another picture that has the focus looking out of the plane (approaching Haneda) (like Favourite Photos: Jonanjima from the air) rather than looking up at planes leaving/approaching Haneda (see Photographing Planes at Haneda Airport, Photographing Planes Near Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Keihinjima Tsubasa Park, and Photographing Planes Near Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Jonanjima).

The photograph also ties into a scene in the first chapter of my book Tokyo 20/20 Vision that I was making the finishing touches to at the time (although during that short trip to Japan in January 2020, I actually did more work on what would become my next novel, FOUR).

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