Post 520 – Remembering The Victims of the JL123 Plane Crash

This is blog post number 520. For many I suspect that there is no particular significance of this number. But like 123, I will always associate it with JL123, Japan’s and the aviation world’s Titanic, which has been one of my research areas since 2007.

520 is the official number of victims on board JL123.

You can read more about my JL123 research on this page, and in my books Dealing with Disaster in Japan: Responses to the Flight JL123 Crash and Osutaka: A Chronicle of Loss in the World’s Largest Single Plane Crash, and by following the JL123 tag and seeing the posts on this site.

For today, I just want to post a picture of one of the memorials at Osutaka-no-One, the crash site in Ueno-mura, which contains a list of all 520 victims.

May all the victims Rest In Peace. My thoughts continue to be with them and all those impacted by the JL123 crash.

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