England and Japan’s Early Interactions – BAJS Podcast 5


It is ironic that on the day that flights between the UK and Japan became even more difficult (apparently 16 hour plus direct flights will start at the weekend) that I have just finished listening to the latest episode of the British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS) podcast about the early interactions between England and Japan. Of course, the time to travel between the two countries was even greater back in the early 1600s – and this is something that gets mentioned in this excellent episode.

The homepage for the podcast can be found here, and the link to the latest episode can be found here.

The episode features the host, Oliver Moxham, speaking with Timon Screech. Tim is a Professor at the International Research Centre for Japanese Studies in Kyoto.

I found the podcast really interesting and learnt so much more about the topic, which I always had to skirt over in a couple of minutes when teaching that aspect of Japanese history, and would recommend people give it a listen.

BAJS members should get in touch with Mara Patessio (BAJS’s Executive Secretary) with suggestions about content for future podcasts – or indeed if they would like to volunteer to take part in the podcast themselves, perhaps talking about their research, publications, or perhaps even Japanese Studies related books that they have recently read.

Here are also the links to the previous podcasts:

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