Jaws For A Minute Podcast Appearance

I recently joined Sarah and MJ on the magnificent “Jaws for a Minute” podcast. You can hear the full episode – Episode 69 The Chump with the Pump – using this link.

I really hope that listeners will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed taking part. I think you can listen to the episode in isolation and get something out of it, but I would recommend listening to the whole series (though not necessary over the short number of days and weeks that I did when I was catching up with the new episodes!).

In the podcast, I referred to a few images. First, here is me – as we were doing a pre-chat and before the recording started – wearing my Japan-inspired T-Shirt.

Next is a screenshot taken from “Jaws” showing Pipit on what is now known as “Jaws Bridge”. May not be clear in this shot, but on the big screen, it seems very obvious that it’s the same dog (unless someone, e.g., Pipit’s real owner, comes forward and proves it’s another dog.

Next, although the image wasn’t referred to in the podcast itself, here is an image I took at the “Jaws” ride at Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) in 2013. I’m looking forward to returning here again – hopefully later this year, depending on what happens with the border restrictions. There will be more varied pictures next time (listen to the podcast episode to discover more about that!).

Click here to see my other posts related to “Jaws“, including my post about Jaws for a Day, seeing Orca on holiday (referred to in the podcast), my review of “The Shark is Broken”, and “Contents Tourism and visiting Martha’s Vineyard“. I also refer to a few of my academic articles that contain references to Jaws – only one of these has been published so far: Disaster Narratives by Design: Is Japan Different?. Another, in which I touch upon the USS Indianapolis monologue, will be published later this year. “Jaws” also appears in my novel Tokyo 20/20 Vision. Within the episode, I also managed to include a reference to Frankie Goes To Hollywood – a given due to the episode number and that I’m working on a book relating to Frankie fans.

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