Book Review: “Death In The Sunshine” by Steph Broadribb


I got this book as part of Amazon Firsts, where you get a free book a month or so before the main release. From the blurb that accompanied the text, it sounded interesting. Unfortunately, I really couldn’t click with the book.

There were some good bits – generally lines here and there, rather than anything to do with the story itself, though. For example,

Bad things happen everywhere. Everywhere there are people, anyway… Bad things happen everywhere, and the prettiness of nature is not a shield from the dreadful things humans do to each other.

A sentiment that is very easy to agree with when you see the images of war and violence. As is

humans always screw things up, no matter how perfect a place is. People are incapable of only doing good.

There are other times, however, when the book seems happy to rely on clichés. For example,

‘I don’t believe in coincidence, not when crime’s involved.’


She said people make their own luck.’


bad things happen to good people;


It’s unlikely to be a coincidence; Moira doesn’t believe in them – especially that late at night.

If the point needs to be made twice, it’s perhaps not a coincidence and more of a sign that some more editing or thought was needed.

Despite the title of the book, the death that forms the central storyline doesn’t actually happen during the day. And there are other times in the book when the timeline and what was happening with the sun didn’t really seem to match with the action. There are also times where the book seems to forget where people are, time stretches, obstacles suddenly vanish, certain small computer devices are easily destroyed by larger ones need to be taken away, details about the colour of lights of the emergency services is incorrect, a character doesn’t understand why someone is hiding their past while doing the same, odd usernames for Facebook, injuries heal or get worse on demand, and various other factual errors.

I wanted to like the book. I kept reading it, thinking it would get better. But it didn’t.

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