Favourite Photos: Flying over Siberia


On some days I just do a short post that primarily revolves around a favourite photo without much accompanying text.

This picture was taken flying over Siberia in 2008.

Obviously with the current war by Russia against Ukraine, there is no chance to see a view like this as all planes between the UK (where I am based) and Japan are flying over the pole (so far doing so non-stop as a 16 hour flight rather than stopping in Anchorage), assuming you are even allowed to get to Japan (see Getting to Japan: Mixed Signs).

The first time I went to Japan was via the Southern Route, as I touched upon in my posts Reflecting on China Airlines’ 747 Passenger Plane Retirement and Flying Experiences. The second time, less than a year later (in 1990) was on ANA and took us across Siberia. This is probably something for another post.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have been over Siberia, when and if I look out of the window, there always seems to be something interesting to look at. In this particular photo, I find the various swirling shapes of rivers and lakes the most fascinating. I also think it’s amazing to think that there are probably places in this photo that no person has ever walked, but it’s even more amazing to think that someone may have walked there for some reason given how remote it is.

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