Book Review: “Family Money” by Chad Zunker


I got this book as part of Amazon Firsts, where you get a free book a month or so before the main release. I’d not read any books by this author before, but I will certainly be having a look at the others he has written.

Usually when I review a book, rather than go into detail about the plot and story, I prefer to reflect more on what I got out of the book personally. In that respect, this book is perhaps unusual as it didn’t really do anything for me in that way. The closest it got was in relation to the protagonist being ‘a normal husband and father who ran a software company that made pretty presentations for other companies’ since I figure I fall into the first part of that, and the second part is something that attracts me as something to do if/when I leave academia, but that is something to discuss another time.

Overall, rather than a book that I connected with in some way and considered lessons in life, although it would be unfair to say that it didn’t have any such contents, this was more the sort of book that I could just enjoy for the ride (I have recently written about the importance of the contents, rather than the ending, of books – see It’s The Journey, Not The Ending, That Counts). And I really did enjoy the ride. It took me only a few days to finish this book, much quicker than I get through books. I don’t care how believable or not the story was, it was just an enjoyable, engaging story that was very well written.

Definitely worth a read.

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