Photographing the Shinkansen: Higashi-Hiroshima


As I have posted about before, when it comes to photographing the shinkansen, I prefer not to take pictures at stations. There are times – particularly when you are travelling on a stopping-service – when it is convenient to do so, getting a shot of a passing train (pictures of stopped trains tend to be dull). One such station is Higashi-Hiroshima.

Here are some shots taken at Higashi-Hiroshima station itself.

A Hikari Railstar waiting for another train to pass
An N700 series shinkansen passing
Hikari Railstar at Higashi-Hiroshima station
An N700 series shinkansen passing Higashi-Hiroshima

As well as pictures at the station, if you have time, you can get some interesting shots near the station too (turn right once you have exited the station and follow the road along – you will also find some small tracks that run alongside the line where you can get some interesting views).

The first two were in my book Shinkansen: From Bullet Train to Symbol of Modern Japan

A 0-series shinkansen near Higashi-Hiroshima. Note how although this service is only 6 carriages long rather than 16 as in the past, it has more pantographs (three) than are found on newer shinkansen
A 0-series-renewal near Higashi-Hiroshima

Here is an additional one taken near the station

For more information about my research on the shinkansen, click here, and for more information about the photographs I use in my research, click here. Click here to get more information about my novel Hijacking Japan which is partly set on a shinkansen.

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