About my Novels

To date I have written three novels – Hijacking Japan, Tokyo 20/20 Vision, and FOUR.

Tokyo 20/20 Vision and FOUR are both part of the ‘Iwakura Series‘. Although Iwakura appears briefly in Hijacking Japan, and there are a few references back to Hijacking Japan in Tokyo 20/20 Vision and FOUR, these books can be enjoyed without having read Hijacking Japan. It doesn’t matter which order you read FOUR and Tokyo 20/20 Vision in and both can be enjoyed as stand-alone books (as can Hijacking Japan).

At the moment I am planning for book three of the Iwakura Series to be set between FOUR and Tokyo 20/20 Vision. A fourth book will be set after Tokyo 20/20 Vision. After that, who knows? With the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics being postponed to 2021 there is now about a 10 year gap between Hijacking Japan and Tokyo 20/20 Vision, so there are possibilities for other stories to be written to help fill the gap along side books 2 and 3 of the series.

Year story is set inBookOrder publishedSeries number
2011Hijacking Japan1
2013FOUR – part 13Iwakura Series 2
2014FOUR – part 23Iwakura Series 2
2015FOUR – part 33Iwakura Series 2
2016FOUR – part 43Iwakura Series 2
2018Title to be confirmed 4 Iwakura Series 3
2019Title to be confirmed4Iwakura Series 3
2021Tokyo 20/20 Vision2Iwakura Series 1
2022Title to be confirmed5Iwakura Series 4

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