Details about my Research

My research revolves around a number of issues. The one thing that connects them all, to date, is Japan.

The second aspect that features in much of my research is memorialisation, symbolism, and identity. This was a part of my research on the education reforms embarked on by Prime Minister Nakasone. After that, it has been a feature of my research on the shinkansen and also about the flight JL123 crash.

Consequently, the third feature of much of my research has been about public transportation in Japan.

Recently I have continued to do research about the JL123 crash, looking specifically at why one of the memorials was modified 30 years after the crash and how this may fit with a model, that I developed, to explain modifications to public transportation accidents. I have also been studying the nature of Japanese disaster narratives (particularly movies), how the JL123 ones fit with the typical style and comparing these also to Hollywood disaster narratives which has included defining what the conventions are for disaster movies. I am currently look at the JL123 isho (final messages) and why there continues to be so much interest in them.

Another aspect of my research has been looking at the symbolic side of the ‘wrapping’ of the shinkansen and planes in Japan. This is something that I discussed in my book on the shinkansen, but developed further in Japan: The Basics and then a chapter in a book about ‘contents tourism’ in Japan (also see my posts about Contents Tourism, by clicking here). I am developing this research further using the concept of Visual Packaging Culture and plan to have a book about this topic completed by 2026.

To discover more about my research, please search through my site to look at the various pages I have written and also the posts. The posts can be easily found by checking the Research-Related posts category or searching for particular tags or keywords. For example, you can find posts about my research on JL123 here, and about the shinkansen here, those on symbolism here, and those on identity here.

Here are some posts which have been particularly popular related to my research:

You can also find a list of my publications here and a list of my presentations here.