The Politics of Modern Japan

I am the editor of the 4 volume collection The Politics of Modern Japan. Whilst it is acknowledged that Japanese politics is important, outside of Japan, it is largely ignored by the media and overlooked by academics. Owing to the changing nature of Japan and its role within the world, more needs to be known of the dynamics of Japanese politics. This set brings together key articles on the most crucial issues facing Japanese politics today, and the relationship between Japanese politics and the main institutions including big business, the bureaucracy and the media.
Volume One has chapters that cover party politics and the way in which parties operate in Japanese society as a whole, taking into account changes and developments in recent years.
Volume Two has chapters concentrating on the changing role of the prime minister. This has been of particular interest due to the leadership of the dynamic Prime Minister Koizumi, who was Prime Minister when the majority of articles in this collection were written.
Volume Three is primarily concerned with Japanese politics on the international stage.
Volume Four returns to domestic politics and contains chapters which focus upon electoral politics.
Details about the book at the publisher’s website.

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