Book Review: Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Perhaps due to my research interests, I get drawn to books about plane crashes. Recently I read The Three by Sarah Lotz, but I have just finished reading Dear Edward for the second time.

I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher a few months before the book was published. I enjoyed it so much that I got the hardback version too.

The whole book is very engaging and the way it handled the crash itself was spot on.

The book moves between two timelines – the plane crash itself and Edward coming to terms with surviving the crash as a boy. In many respects the book is about the trials of boy becoming a teenager growing up and coming to terms with emotions and feelings, living largely loner’s life but supported by a girl of the same age. But he has the additional baggage of having survived a plane crash in which his family died.

By having Edward face this tragedy the author cleverly draws the reader into thinking about a range of issues about life and bereavement without making the book too dark or depressing.

It was such a page turner and absolutely loved it – one of my favourite books ever. The book has helped me think about how I will approach one of my future novels that will feature a plane crash.

Hopefully one day Dear Edward will be dramatised at it would make a wonderful movie or TV film with the right cast, etc.

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